The research conducts a user perception survey regarding the service quality (SQ) of BRT Lahore. Being a megacity of developing country, the public transit system is evolving over the years. Bus Rapid Transit, is the first mass transit project of the country since 2013, came with the aim of providing an affordable and a quality service to the people. The study is, thus, aimed at analyzing and presenting the user perceived & desired SQ aspects, making evident that statistical significance exists between the level of service provided and user satisfaction.

Using an SP questionnaire, it analyses 9 independent SQ variables alongside the SQ customer satisfaction as the dependent variable. The 9 predictors are grouped into four categories, i.e., of infrastructure, services, comfort and technology for convenience and for recommending sector wise improvements. Presenting the analysis results in the form of a GAP model it highlights the differences between perceived and desired SQ user satisfaction.

The research is, hence, concluded in the light of a policy recommendation and action plan following the examples from the quality bus services of London.