🙌 I am writing this message to help you all who’re looking for and have been continuously asking me regarding Westminster’s scholarship. I thought of sharing some piece of related information which can guide you through the process. I do hope that this is helpful on your journey to scholarship success.

🎯 How Do You Win A Scholarship?

For me, finding an international fully funded scholarship was as difficult as it would be for any other student. It, indeed, requires consistent effort, wholehearted dedication, and deep concentration. Trust me, once you’re there, it’s all worth the investment.

Applying for the University of Westminster’s (UoW) postgrad scholarship was not my first time applying for any scholarship. I knew all of my aspirations would remain dreams unless I continued with my struggle and kept on making my application strong every passing day.

It took me almost one whole year from the time I started looking up for different options and preparing my application. And then, a day of gratitude it was when I heard my acceptance from them (AH). To all of those prospective candidates who wish to pursue, my advice to them is to do the best to make your application strong, let it speak for yourself, sell it well and then just pray withholding in strong faith.

Before you apply few guidelines and tips, I would like to share which I believe helped me secure one for myself. Ahead you will find few links and step by step procedure to getting into Westminster.

💯 Know Your Course

Firstly you need to know what you want to do and why you want to study that course, as this is important for a successful application. The UoW boasts a rich history and is home to 6 leading faculties and 32 departments.

It offers several courses which may suit your interest and background. Make sure that you thoroughly surf through them before making your application.

Here is the link.

⚡️ How to Apply and Get Admission?

Prior to a scholarship application, the UoW asks you to apply for the course you wish to do by making an online application. The institute offers part-time (2 years) and full time (1 year) post-grad programs to which you can apply for.

Every year, the university extends two-semester enrollments, i.e., Spring (Jan-June) and Fall (Sept-Dec), and you are free to apply to whichever suits your availability. Before you apply, it is essential to get familiar with the application process. You will be asked to sign up for the application on their UCAS portal where you will get registered for the program. Once you’re there follow the steps and sign in an application. However, the institute also offers an overseas representative service in Pakistan through which you can have everything done.

If you apply online via the UCAS, you’ll be asked to upload scanned copies of your past transcripts, a copy of your English test qualification (IELTS with min 6.5 overall score), your resume’, two letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

All the above-mentioned details complete your application. For further info, please see the following links:

After you have made your application, just wait to hear from them as you need to secure an unconditional or conditional offer to get eligible for applying for a scholarship. Once you’ve heard an acceptance, you’re good to go.

Well congratulations, you are now a step closer to achieving your scholarship. Bear in mind; the UoW offers some scholarships including fully funded, full tuition fee, half tuition fee and partly funded. You can be eligible for applying for two different scholarships within the same application form at one time.

🔥 Before You Apply

Get yourself familiar with the procedure for making a scholarship application. Unlike the online admission process, you’ll have to send by post this application. There is a range of scholarships with different names; you’ll have to see which one matches with your program and criteria. Up next you will have to fill in (typed & not handwritten) the online form which becomes available when applications get opened around the year.

Attach to this, the copy of the letter/email from the UoW confirming your conditional or unconditional offer of a place on your chosen course, a copy of your transcript and one letter of reference. You are now ready to submit it via post and happy finishing.

For more details see the given links:

Although the entire process seems to be a matter of few clicks on the screen, it actually demands your full focused commitment and hard work which you’ll have to put in.

Once you have, trust me it feels an honor to be called an international scholar. I encourage all of the interested ones to go for it and be grateful for the blessings which come your way. Keep your application inspiring yet straightforward and have everything speak for yourself.

Good luck! 👍